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Gas Fired Boilers, Heaters & Furnaces

airatherm logoAiratherm has for many years supplied Gas Fired Heaters (both direct and indirect), Furnaces, Radiant Tube Heaters, Evaporative Coolers and Energy Recovery Systems for air conditioning systems and boilers.

Airatherm is expert in standard and custom built Boilers, Heaters, Furnaces, Coolers, and Energy Recovery Systems for a wide range of Industrial and Commercial applications.

FTC Titan Condensing Hot Water Boiler (Qld Only)ftc condensing boiler

This 150 – 3000kw duplex steel range of fire tube condensing boilers can be manufactured to suit individual applications including weatherproofing, special sizes and alternative flue options.

• (150 – 3000kw) capacity, up to 97% efficient
• 2205 duplex stainless steel condensing section
• Weatherproofing, special sizes & alternative flue options available
• Natural Gas, LPG, TLPG, diesel or dual fuel
• A wide variety of control options
• Australian made

Heating Cooling Ventilating (HCV) unitsheating cooling ventilating

Heating Cooling Ventilating (HCV) units combine gas heating with evaporative cooling to provide economic heating, cooling and ventilation. Available as single pass or combined heater return air.

Perfect for factories, warehouses, hotels, clubs, restaurants, shops, offices, nurseries, schools and other commercial and industrial applications.

Gas Fired Duct Heaters (GDH)

gas fired duct heatersThe GDH Gas Fired Duct Heater has a stainless steel burner and is supplied with electronic ignition and On/ Off or modulating flame control. The GDH is often coupled with an evaporative cooler to provide heating and cooling. It is used in well ventilated areas and can be internal or external. Typical uses are spray booths, factory workshops, warehouses, showrooms and large open spaces.

• (100-732kw) output with high air volume
• Optional modulating burner with make up air or continuous ventilation
• Up to 22,000 L/s
• Internal or external
• Natural Gas, LPG or TPLG
• On/Off Automatic Ignition
• Optional remote control panel

Dravo Gas Heaters (SD/DU)

dravo gas heatersThe SD/DU Gas Fired Duct Furnace has a stainless steel burner and is supplied with electronic ignition and On/ Off or modulating flame control. This type of heating is often coupled with an evaporative cooler to provide heating, ventilation and cooling (HCV). These heaters can also be coupled with energy recovery systems making them ideal for projects where energy efficiency is a premium. Typical uses are cinemas, factory workshops, warehouses, showrooms, Schools, swimming pools offices and large open spaces.

• (23-189 kW ) Internal or external
• Stainless steel heat exchanger with 5 year warranty
• Natural Gas fired
• Range of control options
• With or without a fan blower
• High temperature output
• Wide variety of specialist applications

Other Airatherm Accessories:

Air & Dirt Separators (ADS)

air dirt separatorAn effective way to remove particulate matter and oxygen from systems is the use of Air and Dirt Separators. The separator is installed in the pipework and continuously removes introduced oxygen from the system and separates out particulate matter.

• Manufactured in Australia to suit individual requirements
• Supplied bare or insulated to suit chilled water or hot water applications
• Vinyl, colorbond, stainless or aluminum cladding
• Air bleed and drain connections
• Australian made

Stainless Steel Dosing Potsstainless steel dosing pot

Stainless Steel Chemical Dosing Pots for the controlled addition of inhibitors to protect pipes and components against corrosion in closed circulating systems.

• (15-45 L) capacity
• Stainless steel dosing pot kit complete with isolation valve & fill spout

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All Australian made models are the HCV, EVAPS, AHE, FTC, FTB, Recouperators, DUF and SD/DU.

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