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DuctSox Fabric Ducting Product Range

ductsox logoDuctSox Fabric Ducting offers an innovative, green solution to traditional ventilation and airflow construction options. Fabric ductwork and diffuser systems can be made with recycled material and create less waste at the job site. This product is also considerably more affordable than a traditional metal duct and diffuser system. Turn your physical structures into a focal point with stunning fabric ductwork options, or take advantage of the unique ability to blend in with surroundings. The design options are endless! Additionally, the internal SkeleCore™ structure prevents wrinkling or drooping to create a taut, inflated look that is pristine and clean.

Every DuctSox suspension airflow system is 100% custom made to ensure the highest quality product and a perfect fit for your project. Once installed, the fabric ductwork system contributes to a healthier environment with improved air quality and airflow. Unlike metal duct systems, DuctSox can easily be removed and laundered to eliminate dust, mould, and condensation. Improve air quality, reduce waste, save money, and create a modern architectural feature in your space with DuctSox Fabric Ducting.